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Author - Poet - Minister


My husband and I live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains with our two small dogs and two cats, where we love to night fish on one of the beautiful lakes here and work in our yard.

I have been an ordainded minister since August of 2007.  I'm called  to minister to hurting women who carry the emotional scars of domestic abuse.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved to write.  When I couldn't express myself verbally, one only had to hand me a pen and paper and out would flow my thoughts. 

I have written poetry most of my life and now my life-long dream has come true.  I have written a book. 

 My book, A Rose Blooms Among the Thorns, is the story of a woman's journey from domestic abuse, through healing, to forgiveness.

For more on my book go to myA Rose Blooms page.

Please sign my guest book and let me know if you have any questions about my book that is for sale now on the publisher's website & on this website.  The official release date was January 5th.

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