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Review by BK Walker Books : Cissy Hunt's "A Rose Blooms Among The Thorns" is suspenseful and exhilarating. The plot starts out introducing you to LaRae Jones, a woman who is fear driven to constantly go into hiding. As the story unfolds, Hunt leaves you constantly guessing what will happen next, while consuming you into an emotional roller coaster ride.

With the help of her new found friend Shirley and God, LaRae learns how to love life and herself again. Following the road to recovery and healing, she also learns to trust again.

If you didn't understand Spiritual Warfare, A Rose Blooms Among The Thorns will definitely give you a greater understanding as Cissy Hunt leads you through LaRae Jones' journey of fear, pain, forgiveness and love.

This story is surely going to captivate you. I laughed, I was angered, I cried, and I was drawn in so I too, felt what LaRae was experiencing. I give it (4)**** stars.

~B.K. Walker, author/reviewer of BK Walker Books  -
(Copyright B.K. Walker Books - 2009

In A Rose Blooms Among the Thorns, Cissy Hunt opens her readers’ eyes to the hidden subject of domestic violence, demonstrating, in a very real way, the fear of an abused woman on the run. Yet from that time of torment

new hope is born: a rose of bright sunlight blooms among the thorns of darkness.


Five stars for a well-written and heart-wrenching story.



Josh Stafford

Author of

Where Vultures Roost


 Dragon in the Sky


A Rose Blooms among the thorns was a book that as I read it , in parts Iwas left wondering for LaRae's safety and other parts I read watching her run from place to place and it was like a mystery novel. However the topic that Cissy has based her novel on is anything but a mystery, It unfortunatley is something that happens more than once and especially all
around the world in households is a common thing. What am I talking about, I am talking about Domestic Abuse within the home. In Cissy's book as I was reading it I couldn't help but be tearful and full of emotion as the novel is written in a way that shares all the heartache and raw emotions.
As Cissy works with women who have suffered Domestic Abuse , you can see where her knowledge has shone through her writing , as a child growing up I have heard and seen stories of women who have suffered abuse as my mother worked for Women's Refuge and my Parents also worked for Lifeline Counselling. In this novel, LaRae is running away from a nasty ex-husband who wants nothing but to control her, he has PI's after her and won't stop until he has killed her. However as we all know, you can only run so far before the truth catches up on you. When LaRae reaches the end of her
journey, she goes and stays with a lovely lady, Aunt Shirley whose nephew happens to be the Chief of Police, Jason. They also happen to be a God-fearing family. Has LaRae found ones that she can open up to, and what will happen when James finally catches up and threatens to do more than kill her? As I said this novel features a story of Domestic Abuse and finding people that you can turn to and trust and letting them help
you in the case of "Enough is Enough and Knowing when to say No".

 If you enjoyed books like Karen Kingsbury's Divine - The Modern Day Mary Magadelene and Catherine Anderson's Star Bright or even Nora Robert's Montana Sky -Then this is the book for you. My heart and soul goes out to all those who have suffered and I weep for you all as this is a topic that for me is closer to home in a since , not that myself has been
domestically abused by a spouse but I know people who have and it is terrible and for those it doesn't even have to be physical, it can also be emotionally, mentally and verbally. Gosh This is one of the first reviews that I have written where I am tearing up as I write, that is how amazing this book is and just how heartfelt and touching the novel is and
how it easily affects one another.

Cheers , Paula Phillips

LaRae was abused by her husband James for years. After she left him, he sent people after her, so she kept running. She was on the verge of a mental breakdown until she turned to her Christian friends for help.

This is a deeply moving story. No one should ever have to face any form of abuse. Physical wounds heal faster than mental ones. This book has a strong Christian message  *****

What makes this book even better then a mere self-help book is that the author, Cissy Hunt, draws from her own experiences and has lived through a life that she is able to teach others about. I found the read authentic, inspiring, at times sad, and even hopeful.....The author was on my blog hotgossiphotreviews.blogspot and you can learn more about her there.

The book is well worth reading for anyone who has had sad times, abuse, or pain in their life! 

I recommend this to young adults and adults. 

Reviewed by Ami Blackwelder 

June 27,2010 


A Rose Blooms Among The Thorns is a wonderful heart-wrenching story of an abused woman that goes to great lengths to escape the wrath of her ex-husband.  It's a very sad yet inspiring story...anyone who has ever been abused mentally, physically or emotionally should definitely read this.  (I don't want to spoil it)  Let me say it's a definite must read...5 STARS!!! I loved it!

--Joanie Fulton, Author of Spawn of Satan

July 26, 2010