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B.K. is the author of Near Suicide and Dares And Dreams,  and she is currently working on the sequel to Near Suicide titled : History Always Repeats.



Edward McGregor's Most Recently Written Novel

Littleton Town


Book about Jim's backpacking excursions.  You'll experience the adventure, hardships, crazy antics, humor and anxiety that he met throughout his treks on the trails in Ontario Canada.

A book that  is a sharing of spiritual awakenings by Doris Nesbitt Lovelady

This book is the author's inspiring testimonies of triumph over defeat through standing on the Word of God and faith.


"Explication of the present education system reveals that core values of education have been thrown to the winds from the central stage. We are drifting aimlessly from within to without; from Apollonian to Dionysian approaches of life, with education undergoing undesirable radical changes in its tenor, substance and purpose, losing its roots of human values.


This book is a modern day version of the parable from the Bible about the Prodigal Son. A story of realizing we are sinners, coming back to the Father and accepting His forgiveness and mercy, and being placed in right standing.

  Sandy Armstrong: Her new book shares life's tribulations and how faith made a change in one person's life. I truly hope you enjoy! 


T.S. Wilkins: A simple person who is a simple poet traveling upon the journey of various emotions for the purpose of inspiration