Cissy Hunt



Love is found in a heart so pure it is unconditionally given yet never demanding-just sweet.

Love is a soft, gentle touch from moist lips that brings a twinkle to eyes of blue as words are spoken to a heart's beat.

Love is the warmth of strong arms when they securely envelope about you as doubts leave you rather weak.

Love is a good night kiss so soft and the touch of a callused hand as it gently brushes across a cheek

Love is unspoken promises expressed by hungry hearts when at last two naked souls do meet.

Love is gentle, kind, and caring though given freely, never taken lightly and grows when natured to it's fullest potential.



One look over my shoulder tells me you are always close by, waiting just out of site. When the time is right, from out of the shadows you appear, with a gentle touch you wipe away my tears.

You wrap me in strong arms to protect me from harm. You know my pain you also know my shame. You know all I'm going through because you've traveled this road too. 

With you I can shed all pretense, I can lower my defense. You're a rare and priceless gift, whose smile gives my heart a lift. You're someone special to me, I call you FRIEND.


The sins of the world he bore, as His precious blood upon the world poured.

Open boldly as His knock falls upon your door.

Confess; open your heart to these words,

Go to sin no more.

Oh, how presious is His love for this sinful world. He gives freely eternal love and life forever more.